• <span>Neck</span>  &amp; back pain
  • <span>Sporting</span> injuries
  • <span>Posture</span> &amp; Ergonomics
  • <span>Work</span> Related Injuries
  • <span>Cast &amp;</span> Fracture Management
  • <span>Pregnancy</span> Support

Five Dock Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre is focused on providing personalised, professional, holistic health care for all of our physiotherapy patients both in Five Dock and the surrounding suburbs.

We are conveniently located inside Five Dock Medical Centre in the heart of Five Dock (see map) and the Inner West. The location of Five Dock Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre enables our physiotherapists to have constant interaction with local doctors and surgeons, nearby X-ray facilities and other allied health professionals such as podiatrists and nutritionists. This close knit medical setting allows us to provide an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to health management and the highest standard in physiotherapy care to each patient.

Our physiotherapy staff are highly qualified university graduates, with expert knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and conditions affecting the body. We are highly trained in the analysis of movement and posture, and are experts in exercise prescription.

Five Dock Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre treat and care for people of all ages and abilities including:

  • Young families and children
  • Seniors of our community
  • Recreational & Elite athletes
  • Patients needing Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation following Operations.

For the convenience of our patients, Five Dock Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre:

  • Has a well equipped Rehabilitation Gymnasium helping to facilitate a return to work, sport and complete health
  • Has onsite HICAPS (health fund) and EFTPOS facilities
  • Bill insurers directly for Workcover & Third Party claims
  • Charge Medicare directly for Veterans Affairs patients
  • Accept and are happy to treat patients with Medicare EPC referrals
  • Offer discounted rates on physiotherapy treatment for pensioners and retirees

For private patients a Doctor’s referral is not necessary at Five Dock Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre and on the spot health fund rebates are available through the HICAPS system.

Please contact us to make an appointment on 02 9713 2455

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  • phone


    02 9713 2455

     150 Great North Rd

     Five Dock NSW 2046

    Upstairs in Five Dock Medical Centre

  • Common Conditions


    Physiotherapists treat a variety of conditions affecting the body.

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